Our story

We make awesome hats that our peeps love to wear, and we bloody love designing them for ya!

G'day world,

Our names are Mia & Jordan, we're pumped you stumbled into our space & wanted to learn more about who we are 😊
Tbh it's really simple. We're a young couple from Sydney who loves minimalistic hats & beanies!

So here's a story about our humble beginnings -
Our little business started from a small apartment in Sydney, Australia on a chilly April day in 2019. My partner & I were looking for a beanie for the coming winter months that had some retro & unique minimalistic designs.
Being my fussy self I could not find any designs that appealed to me, so I thought I'd give designing a shot (having a marketing background).

Firstly, we started with this simple website dadrack.com to see if there was any interest in our designs & to our surprise, they were a hit! Since then we have expanded to Etsy in September 2019 & we are loving all the support from the community, it's freaking awesome!

We are also proud to announce that all our hats & beanies are designed in Sydney & embroidered to order in the USA & Europe.

Look & feel like a legend. Yew! 🤙