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dadrack Beanie White Beanie - Salty C*nt
dadrack Beanie Black Beanie - Salty C*nt
dadrack Beanie Red Beanie - Salty C*nt

salty c*nt beanie

Regular price $30

This beanie is for all of you salty c*nts out there. Think of this like a big warning sign for anyone who might have the misfortune of actually meeting you.

We won't lie to you. Beanies are only really good for three things. First, they do a good job of hiding your thinning, receding hairline. Second, they keep your brain meat warm during cold times. Third and finally, they send out an electromagnetic signal which lets everyone in the surrounding area know that you are always down for a session.

  • 60% cotton/40% acrylic
  • all the satisfaction your tiny body can handle
  • really really really warm
  • one size fits all, head circumference: 55cm - 59cm (21 5/8” - 23 1/8”)
  • shipping worldwide

Designed in Sydney.